Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vipera Berus 2

Today was cloudy, raining and even windy, but I decided to take my bag and go have a walk around anyway, looking for reptiles, salamanders or others... After 30 minutes of walk the sun finally appeared for 15 minutes , I made a stop to take a drink and this Viper passed between my legs, lucky again! Beautiful color, totally unified, it was so calm and quiet, didn't tried to bite me and no aggressive behavior, a real model, and very patient... Is the first time I make pictures with such clouds so it took me a while to make the good settings... I hope the result is good!


Beautiful color, and almost unified

As you can see, in this period of the year the vegetation is very dense, so it is harder to see them in the biotopes


  1. très bonne gestion du manque de lumière, de belles images

  2. Bravo!
    Voilà bien une vipère que j'aimerais photographier, n'ayant qu'Aspis ici!!
    comme toi, je suis fascinée par leur portrait rapproché!
    Belles images qui nous la rendent bien!
    Mes amitiés!


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