Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hierophis Gemonensis

Laurenti 1768

This specimen is found in eastern europe only, from Slovenia to the very south in Greece, and also on some Islands such like Krk in Croatia were these 2 specimens have been found. There is a baby and also a juvenile one. You can notice this by the marks that are well pronounced and as with other snake specimens, the older they get, the less marks they have and become more uniform.

The blue eye indicates that it will shed soon

2nd specimen 

A baby was escaping in front of me

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Zamenis Longissimus

Laurenti 1768

Finally, after 2 years I found this specimen on a little abandoned road, in the past its latin name was ''Elaphe Longissima''. It is a quiet snake, that can be found in threes aswel where it finds food. Babies are very well marked and with the time the patterns become more uniform like this one, from yellowish to green-olive color. It is very common in europe, but not that easy to see. 


Nice face-to-face

Hierophis Viridiflavus Carbonarius

                                                                                                                         Lacépède 1789

Sub-specimen of the Hierophis Viridiflavus, the particularity of the ones found in this area is that they are completely black, but not less aggressive, many bites (even one on the nose of my friend) happened. Quite impossible to calm down, it likes sunny and hot weather were it can be found in bushes, rock piles, we had the chance to see quite a few of them from morning to evening, but quite hard to grab.

Vipera Ammodytes Ammodytes

                                                    Linnaeus 1768

After a 1 week trip in eastern europe with a friend here is the first specimen I found, a baby Vipera Ammodytes Ammodytes male born this same year. We discovered it in a bush in the afternoon, it was very quiet and didn't even tried to bite. It was such a nice start of our trip as we didn't knew at all the biotope of the area, here are the pictures.

You can see it in the bush, in the middle of the picture

Pattern picture
Babies are usually always more marked than adults

''artistic'' picture