Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vipera Aspis Atra & Berus Melanistic

 Here is a variety of color that can be found in some snake species but also in all nature, the melanistic ones! The black is dominant in the mixture of colors, many Vipers and also Colubridae adapt themselves in high altitudes to receive faster the effects of the sun, that is primordial in their lives. Not all places have this kind of populations in their biotopes, and actually I have found only the Vipera Aspis Atra and Berus with the melanistic aspect, but there is many others like the Natrix Natrix, Vipera Nikolskii, Vipera Seoani and more... Some are totally black, even the eye, but the first pictures above show a specimen with high concentration of black but not 100%, the colors are interesting, with some red on the sides... The second pictures show the Vipera Berus, with only a light color on the bottom and the red eye, this specimen was pregnant...


We can notice the white line on the side of this one, typical in the Aspis Atra

The patterns are very hard to see with the domination of black


Bad frame because of the aggressiveness of the specimen, non-stop moving

We can notice here the light color above

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