Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Philodryas Chamissonis


I recently visited Chile, and when having a walk in the countryside of the Bio-Bio (near Concepcion), this little snake was on the way... Is a venomous snake but its bite is not fatal, this one was a juvenile and don't even tried to bite me or so. It is oviparous and can reach 1,60m and is very ''popular'' in Chile. This is a juvenile one, you can see it with its size. I really like the color it has, unfortunately I haven't seen any adult form, this could be the opportunity to go back there and make a better research!

Yes, very SMALL :)

I had many problems with my camera that day, and the snake wanted to escape all time, was impossible to have it quiet, this is why the frame is so bad etc...

1 comment:

  1. Formidable!
    il est en effet très beau!
    Tu as dû être ravi de le rencontrer!
    Venimeux peut-être, mais apparemment pas agressif!
    J'espère encore en voir d'ici l'automne, mais je doute d'avoir cette chance près de chez moi!
    Bonne continuation et bien amicalement!


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