Saturday, July 2, 2011

Natrix Natrix

Here is another colubridae that can be found in all europe near water in sunny exposed places, it is totally inoffensive and even no biting risk from it. Its length is approx. 1m50 max., its defense is... pretty disgusting, it will secrete a strong smelly liquid from the anal glands, breath very strong, and even simulate its own death! Yes, dead body, mouth open, tongue out... to discourage the predator or so...
It eats frogs, fishes, lizards and little mouses. It can easily swim in water and hide in case of danger. As many snakes, if you encounter one, its first reaction will be to escape. Btw, if you catch one, good luck with the smell ! ;)

You can clearly see the ''necklace'' it has, that is typical of the specie


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