Monday, July 11, 2011

Vipera Berus 1

Awesome day spent in some biotopes I've been almost... 6 times and found absolutely NOTHING, this time I went again.. a little desperate and finally I found the specie I was looking for, the ''Vipera Berus'', very present in all europe, I found this one in the last spot you can find it in the Swiss Alps. Its got venom like the other vipers, and as I read about it, pretty more dangerous than the Aspis species. I found other Berus but always the melanistic ones, that I will post later with an article about the melanistic snakes. This one is young almost 25-30cm, you can see the difference with the aspis with its size, the nose, patterns and colors that are typical of the Berus. I let you compare with my precedent article about the Aspis Atra. Here are the pictures, enjoy it ! thanks for having a look.

PURE LUCK for that angle

The patterns are very different than the Aspis

You can see the color and also the nose.

Another awesome posture


PLEASE, remember that it is a lot of time spend to find those reptiles, many hours of work, search, this is why those pictures are reserved and copyrighted, I have no problem in the use of them, but please write other an email at : before do anything.

! ! ! THANK YOU ! ! ! 

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