Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vipera Aspis Francisciredi/Italian Viper

Laurenti 1768

Here is a sub-specie of the Viper Aspis, the Francisciredi can be found mainly in Italy, south Switzerland and is particular for the additional white of the lines on the sides of the head, irregular patterns and orange color and the head is usually wider posteriorly. You can mistake it for an Aspis or Atra but once you see closer the differences are clear, I even noticed a little yellow on the tail of the 2nd specimen I found, a little nose appears too but is not very pronounced. Melanistic specimens can be find in this sub-specie.

First specimen discovered 

You can notice it is pregnant 

The notable addition of white on the side

The typical orange one

Here we can see the back of the head is wider than other Aspis

Here we have the complete details of the fragmented patterns, this is very common on the Francisciredi specimens.
It was also a BIG female pregnant, approx. 60cm
The yellow colored tail is the 1st thing I noticed when I discovered it.


  1. superbe!!une lumière top et des images magnifiques Bravo

  2. Bravo pour ces belles images!
    Elle a peu de marques sur le dessus de la tête!
    J'adore les découvrir ici, car chez moi, comme tu ais, je n'ai que la A. Zinnikeri!!
    Bonne continuation, Gaétan!

  3. Just found your blog thanks to Noushka. I have a passion for snakes. Your photos are amazing I will be back. Have a good weekend. DFiane

  4. Merci à tous pour votre soutien et commentaires! C'est très gentil!

    Dfiane: thanks a lot, I hope bring new specimens as soon as possible. have a good week end too. G.

  5. Aouch!
    Je te remercie Gaétan de m'avoir mise à l'honneur dans ta section Dragonflies! Ca me touche beaucoup, vraiment!
    Le seul problème, c'est que les images ne s'affichent pas!! :(
    Quand tu auras une minute, il nous faudra régler ça!!
    Bonne continuation à vous deux et à bientôt!

    PS: je vois que mon amie Diane est arrivée jusqu'à toi!! C'est sympa!!


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