Saturday, August 6, 2011

''Vipera Aspis Atra'' New species

Yesterday woke up early to go in wine yards near Martigny looking to find the ''Coronella Austriaca'' and ''Zamenis Longissimus'' (That both escaped me 3 times between last months and last year GRRRR)... I stop the car, take my bag and camera, the sun is just out and 2 minutes after walking I see a Vipera Aspis Atra crossing the road (without taking care if cars were arriving :P), took it for a few shots (I discovered this specimen last year at same place so I didn't took many pictures of it). Then keep walking, I met a guy on the way who give me advices for snakes in the region, very kind from him cause exactly where he said to me to go, I discovered the second specimen curled in the vegetation. No coronella for me today, I take my car to another place not far and discovered the last specimen (no Aesculapian one), a Vipera Aspis Atra again! But was a good day anyway, is better than come back with nothing in the memory card!

This is the one who crossed the road, I put it in a safe place far from cars and walkers (btw strange head from front)

Very common color and patterns

Here is the 2nd specimen found in the day, I was close to walk on it (see on the right of the page for mimicry section), the camouflage in the vegetation was really good.

The last specimen here, I tried something new with a new lens for my camera and the result is pretty bad I agree, as I was fixing the settings the Vipera escaped and I wouldn't pull it out of the brambles, it will have hurt it and cause damage. So this is the only picture I have... 

Clean energy snake :)

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