Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vipera Ammodytes Ammodytes

                                                    Linnaeus 1768

After a 1 week trip in eastern europe with a friend here is the first specimen I found, a baby Vipera Ammodytes Ammodytes male born this same year. We discovered it in a bush in the afternoon, it was very quiet and didn't even tried to bite. It was such a nice start of our trip as we didn't knew at all the biotope of the area, here are the pictures.

You can see it in the bush, in the middle of the picture

Pattern picture
Babies are usually always more marked than adults

''artistic'' picture



  1. Great photos. We had a Western whip Snake in the garden last week and it was very accommodating. It even waited for me to go and get may camera from the house, and then waited until I took as many pictures as I wanted! Diane

  2. Hi thanks for your support. I hope you are ok? I wasn't able to post a lot on the website due to my long absence, season is over now, but I will make more trips next year. Starting by spain. I will have a look at your pictures aswel. Any snake you see is always a very rare chance. :) good luck


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