Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hierophis Viridiflavus 1

Hello, been a few weeks I haven't uploaded any new pictures, been busy with job but I've found some time to walk along a river searching for this snake showed above. The pictures doesn't look very good, cause this is a very aggressive snake, not venimous, but tricky, the bite hurts, but... that's ok and I was alone, so keeping it quiet and take pictures is quite.... impossible. I used the glove for no such bad surprise... it was almost 1m30cm and it's nose was hurt/cut, freshly unmolted... Nice experience.

you can realise it's size like this

running away

A chance I had the glove... 


  1. Your blog is interesting, has left a great impression.
    Best wishes

  2. Hello!

    thanks a lot for your comment, glad you like it, really.

    More soon :)

    Btw will have a look at yours.

    Best wishes Jonas

  3. Great blog you have. Searching for snakes is a real hobby of me. Unfortunately not very succesful, but I keep trying. This one above I only spotted once. What kind of glove do you use? Greetings, David


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